The clinic Centro Ambrosiano Oftalmico

The clinic Centro Ambrosiano Oftalmico (CAMO) is an excellence center for the diagnosis, correction and treatment of sight defects and pathologies.

Founded by Dr. Lucio Buratto, the clinic is specialized in the anterior and posterior segments of the eye and is an important reference point on the panorama of Italian and international ophthalmology.

The center is specialized in the treatment of cataract, pathologies of the retina and the cornea, and it is one of the most important avant-garde clinics for the treatment of defects such as myopia, severe myopiahyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia with laser procedures or other surgical techniques such as the implantation of intraocular lenses.

CAMO has always offered its patients the very latest and avant-garde technology and the most modern machinery; it strives to provide ground-breaking techniques to its patients and satisfy the current requirements of ophthalmic surgery.

Our mission

The clinic aims to improve a patient’s quality of life by improving his/her sight. Dr. Lucio Buratto embarked on this journey in the early Eighties, and CAMO has embraced this mission enthusiastically and carried it forward through the decades.

The eye is one of the body’s most important organs as it allows human beings to interact with the outside world and with the people around them. Anyone who can see must attempt to use and protect their sight in the best ways possible: pathologies should be treated, defects should be corrected, and care should be taken to protect this invaluable instrument.

These were the key points in the philosophy of the clinic CAMO – Centro Ambrosiano di Microchirurgia Oculare (now known as the clinic Centro Ambrosiano Oftalmico), is a reality that combines technology, study, scientific research and clinical activities for the benefit of the patients.

Another inescapable value of CAMO is the constant assistance given to the patient and his/her family members.

Patients are constantly monitored by a personal counselor, assigned the moment they enter CAMO and at their sides until the moment of the final discharge.

Thanks to this help, the patients will never feel isolated or disoriented, and this assiduous assistance and support is also provided for their relatives. The staff at the clinic will endeavor to provide all of the necessary information to ensure that the patient’s clinical journey proceeds in tandem with that of their supporting family and friends who will be able to assist and comprehend, assist and accompany him/her at all stages of treatment, healing and recovery.

The doctors at the clinic

Dr. Lucio Buratto

Director of Centro Ambrosiano Oftalmico

Dr. Buratto has had an avant-garde approach to his profession from the outset. He was one of the first eye specialists to use the phacoemulsification technique and the implantation of artificial crystalline lenses in the posterior chamber; he has always been a pioneer in the surgical correction of myopia and is recognized internationally as being the first eye specialist in the world to use laser technology for the correction of visual defects.
He has been presented with countless international awards for the ground-breaking innovations he has developed in the field of ophthalmic surgery.
He has performed more than 40,000 procedures of cataract and refractive surgery.
He has written more that 50 books on eye surgery and for more that 20 years he has directed the conference Videocatarattarefrattiva, Italy’s most important conference specialized in cataract and refractive surgery.
He was awarded the Barraquer Award, the top international recognition for a refractive surgeon.

Dr. Sergio Belloni

Dr. Sergio Belloni

Dr. Belloni graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Milan where he also specialized in Ophthalmology. His major areas of expertise are cataract, glaucoma, refractive surgery and retinal pathologies.
He has worked in a number of different University Eye Clinics: at the University of Milan, at the Hopital de Creteil, France and at the University of Lovanio, Belgium.
Since 1990, he has been working at the clinic Centro Ambrosiano Oftalmico, and since 2004, has been director of Eye Clinic Centro Oculistico Centro Servizi Rhodense in Rho, Milan.
He has given talks at numerous national and international conferences and has co-written two books on cataract surgery and on the diagnostic techniques for corneal analysis.

Dr. Matteo Cereda

Dr. Matteo Cereda

He graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Milan and specialized in Ophthalmology. He assisted Dr. Grazia Pertile at the hospital Ospedale Sacro Cuore di Negrar in Verona and was responsible for the medical and surgical diagnosis and treatment of retinal pathologies.
He currently works in the University Eye Clinic in the Milanese hospital Ospedale L. Sacco, directed by Prof. Giovanni Staurenghi, and is a Visiting Professor at the University of Milan.
At the time of writing, he works with Dr. Lucio Buratto at the clinic Centro Ambrosiano Oftalmico in Milan where he is specialized in pathologies of the retina of medical and surgical interest.
He has given talks at numerous national and international conferences, he has written dozens of scientific articles published in international journals and has been involved in the production of books on the medical and surgical aspects of the retina.

Dr. Laura Sacchi

Dr. Laura Sacchi

Dr. Sacchi graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Milan and specialized in Ophthalmology. She was a Consultant at the hospitals Ospedale San Giuseppe (Milan) and Ospedale Maggiore (Crema).
She has given talks at numerous national and international conferences. At the time of writing, she runs a private clinic at the Centro Ambrosiano Oftalmico, where she has worked since 2003.
Her areas of expertise include refractive surgery, cataract surgery, the diagnosis and treatment of keratoconus, retinal pathologies and pediatric ophthalmology.

Technical and nursing staff