Your personal assistant

The patient is at the center of all of the activities of the clinic Centro Ambrosiano Oftalmico. And the attention we give to the patient is one of priorities. For this reason, over the last couple of years, CAMO has introduced the Personal Assistant, a professional figure who will assist the patient every step of the way, from the first time s/he enters the clinic until the patient is discharged.

The Personal Assistant is the reference figure for the patient and will be responsible for:

  • Accompanying him/her to the waiting room and to the examination room;
  • Assisting him/her in the compilation of the documents necessary for the examination and surgery;
  • Explaining the informed consent to the patient and reviewing the introductory documentation on the specific subject that interests the patient;
  • Checking the waiting times to ensure the patient does not have to wait longer than necessary;
  • Booking the necessary appointments for the patient and confirming the appointments the day before to remind the patient of the pending visit;
  • Bringing the patient into contact with the doctor for all of the clinical questions associated with his/her health.

The Personal Assistant is not a doctor, but a person with vast experience in a clinical setting and is always available to assist and resolve any problems that may appear during the patient’s treatment program.